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Wiadomości - Durandal

theres little point in a clan unless there is net play...

besides, what could top orig liero?
Speak English here! / Re: Liero
2001-10-21 04:35:38
with the way dom works, i do have doubts about L2.  last time i checked, his lead programmer hand spoken to him in ages!

but i do have doubts about Gliptics LOSP..  hes still bothering with LieroHacker..  Id rather he concerntrate 100% on LOSP, because we all need it badly.  at least, LieroNet does..

nobody much has faith there anymore, they just post to have fun and socialize, not about Liero very much anymore..
now i must try and get opinions here..

what do you think of Liero?  L2?  Joosa?  Gliptics reverse-engineering of the Liero source?

im mainly interested in finding out how many people still believe in L2..  nobody over at LieroNet seem to think L2 will ever come out..

is everyone over here a little bit more faithfull?
Speak English here! / Re: snakessss
2001-11-01 07:50:56
sure, the worms in Liero just try and kill each other!
Speak English here! / Re: snakessss
2001-10-22 09:58:05
hehe, then dont come down here..

we seem to have the deadliest stuff..

snakes dont bother me, its the damn spiders!
Speak English here! / Re: snakessss
2001-10-21 04:38:31
i dont remember a lot, except being a little surprised and scared..  it was probly one of the most dealdy snake we have got over in Australia..  

so if it did make a sound, i dont remember anything...

i think it depends on the type of snake.  some say ssss, some say shshshsh
Speak English here! / Re: snakessss
2001-10-20 04:06:08
i dont remember snakes ever making a sound..

i know there meant to, but i didnt hear anything the last time i encountered one