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więc koniecznie przeczytaj regulamin (link pod guzikiem "Pomoc" powyżej)

Pokaż wiadomości

Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

Pokaż wątki - Wei-Zhi-Hui

I have decided to go to poland this summer, which pretty much means there will be a Liero tournament. :o ill bring some not so polish people with me. I havnt picked a city yet, but it will be a polish one. Warsaw is quite likely tbh.

Anyhow, I know poland is a great Liero nation, and everyone who feels up to the task of battling the might of BJ and EdgeCrusher, here is your chance... AGAIN.

Its still in idea-stage, but i just thought i'd prewarn you, and to help you post this news item in the lovely news board.

-----------------list of would-be comers
Van Hover(?)
Chanibal - presented excuse: "Woman sends me to the USA"
Wesz'n'Guth - if nothing bad happens to us a.k.a if anything good happens to us.
Barnex - "If it's in Warsaw"
C0oba - "Depending on the date/if he's in Warsaw"
Netsu - "Depending on the date"
Combaine - "If it's in Warsaw"
faktor4u - "If it's in Warsaw"
Speak English here! / Hyperm33t 2008
2008-02-08 09:56:54
 <robal_czarny> <ogien> So, this is the first announcement im posting about Hyperm33t 08.  <robal_czarny> <ogien>

The last hyperm33t was in Warsaw, so lots of polish people showed up, which was interesting. But the next hyperm33t is in Germany (Heidelberg which is near Frankfurt). I want to know if anyone of you polish guys might be intereted in going. Im setting up a mailing list now and if anyone wants to be on it to get updates, let me know. Send me a letter of interest: wei @t liero dot be.
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<apteczka> I guess not everyone reads the english-board so those who do, perhaps you could forward this information. <apteczka>

PS. Greybrow, Edge, NoMind and BJ, dont bother signing up, because you are already signed up.   <robal_czerwony> <robal_zolty>

<paczka> <paczka>FEAR THE LIERO GRAPHICS!! <paczka> <paczka>
Yay! :D

Finally a chance for me to overthrow the rule of BJ! ;) (or not)
The Liero World Championships of 2006 is announced to be held in Brussels in Autumn/Winter of 2006. Everyone is invited, regardless of Liero clone prefernece.

There will be a prize!

See more at http://comser.liero.org.pl/forum/index.php?topic=139

Posted on: 2005.10.05 10:50:31
NoMind won the LIERO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is this?

[edit]This was the topic I annouced the tutorial competition.
Anyone who want to compete should write a Liero/Gusanos addons tutorial.
Speak English here! / Liero l33tm33ts
2005-06-01 17:29:40

I made this list. Please give me more input if you have some. (its not a l33t m33t if you dont meet someone you dont know from before. l33test are those when you go to some other city)
Speak English here! / Liero Photo Album
2001-10-22 14:59:38
send in pics for the Liero Photo Album



send to Biernath John or me...