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Wurmz! - server

Zaczęty przez Stasrus, 2006-12-02 00:23:51

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2006-12-02 00:23:51 Ostatnia edycja: 2006-12-02 09:36:10 by Greybrow
I love liero,wurmz but i cant play internet, i dont know server ip
pls help me find internet server wurmz (ip), i cant speak polski and cant reed forum :'(
sorry for my english

pls answer easy english

p.s. ready fight you, wurmz for internet ^^ 8)


Are there any wurmz servers? There might be some Gusanos servers. (ask in http://comser.robal.org/forum/)

Otherwise you might simply be dooooomed, but time will tell. Btw, are you from St. Petersburg?

Guthrick von Kewpa

If you don't have any friend who likes/plays Wurmz! you probably won't find any Wurmz! serv0r cause it is pretty dead and nobody cares of it anymore.
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Thanks all for the help
Is a pity that already few people play liero \wurmz!
I play liero years 5 together with the friend on splitscreen, but we already know each other by heart and it would be desirable will battle to the new contender
If who wishes to play 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 write in this theme I with pleasure with you I shall play...
to Wei-Zhi-Hui i from Rostov-in-Don
p.s As I badly know English translated the program from Russian on English, erroneous words are possible

Guthrick von Kewpa

Well, if you really want to play online, you should try Gusanos - http://gusanos.sourceforge.net, and visit the Gusanos board on Comser Forum for new mods, questions about gusanos etc.
-What are we going to do tonight, Guth?
-The same thing we do every night, WSh...try and take over the world!1


Or you should have visited us in Wroclaw last week :) LIEEEEEROOOOOOOO :>


ej jak postawić server?

Napisana: 2006-12-06 17:19:30
hi plz send for me ip server Wumz!


o_O? Więc plz dotarło i tutaj...
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