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Liero Boot CD/USB Disk

Zaczęty przez megamasha, 2007-11-14 03:03:17

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I'm sorry, I only speak English and German. I'm very interested in making a liero boot CD. Maybe with FreeDOS or something. Can you help me? I found a thread about it on this forum, but I can't understand the language.




2007-11-15 00:13:04 #1 Ostatnia edycja: 2007-11-15 00:25:58 by ChanibaL
I had done a freedos boot floppy some time ago. If you have nero burning rom then you can easily burn a cd out of that (create a new bootable cd, you have an option for using a floppy image as source). There is no sound, but that is a freedos related thing - no sb compatible drivers (also i removed the .snd file not to waste space on a floppy). It works great, we have a dedicated harddriveless pc at my uni just with this disc. Unfortunatly features like saving configs won't work on cd.


Note that you may not need a bootable version now that Gliptic made openliero (not to be mistaken with openlierox) that works on linux and windows (and possibly other systems) nativly, with sound. Our package with openliero can be downloaded as a installer or zip. The installer is in polish, but you shouldn't have any problems.
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