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Hyperm33t 2008

Zaczęty przez Wei-Zhi-Hui, 2008-02-08 09:56:54

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 <robal_czarny> <ogien> So, this is the first announcement im posting about Hyperm33t 08.  <robal_czarny> <ogien>

The last hyperm33t was in Warsaw, so lots of polish people showed up, which was interesting. But the next hyperm33t is in Germany (Heidelberg which is near Frankfurt). I want to know if anyone of you polish guys might be intereted in going. Im setting up a mailing list now and if anyone wants to be on it to get updates, let me know. Send me a letter of interest: wei @t liero dot be.
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<apteczka> I guess not everyone reads the english-board so those who do, perhaps you could forward this information. <apteczka>

PS. Greybrow, Edge, NoMind and BJ, dont bother signing up, because you are already signed up.   <robal_czerwony> <robal_zolty>

<paczka> <paczka>FEAR THE LIERO GRAPHICS!! <paczka> <paczka>


When exactly? This summer (like last one) I may visit my father living in Germany, but I haven't planned it yet.


yes, like last year. I cant say for sure yet, but 2006 and 2007 it was the first weekend in august.