Gusanos Linux Standalone: Translation?

Zaczęty przez Feliz Lombriz, 2009-09-29 23:12:43

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Feliz Lombriz

So I think I basically understand what's going on, but I'm not 100%. The language barrier is kind of getting in the way. Basically ChanibaL is making some sort of standalone Linux package and deciding which mods to include in the default package, no? Did I miss anything? What other features are being added? At any rate, a fully functional Linux version of Gusanos is sounding awesome. I understood that much, I think. ;) Thanks!

-Feliz - Mapy, mody i więcej

Guthrick von Kewpa

Yup that's exactly what's going on ;)

The one more thing that's worth to mention is barnex's last reply where he suggests some kind of built in mod manager that gets a list of mods from the Internet, lets you know if there are any updates on them etc., generally same logic as in linux repositories. The pros are everyone that uses it has the most up to date versions of his favourite mods without standalone package weighing hundreds of mbs; the cons, well, none except due to the state gusanos is in, nobody's likely to accomplish that:P
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Feliz Lombriz

Yeah, well... :P

It's great so much progress was made already! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Gusanos running on Linux right off the bat! :) In other news, could someone explain what happened to the English Comser forums? - Mapy, mody i więcej