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LieroLibre 0.4 poprawki ścieżek i konfigów

Zaczęty przez Greybrow, 2012-07-05 10:19:07

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Wiadomości o wydaniu:

* Fixed a bug where the EXE file path would not be set
* Updated CFG file with variable name corrections
  + New CFG files (v1) will be written with correct names
  + Old CFG files (v0) with incorrect names can still be loaded
* Added automatic upgrading of CFG file from v0 to v1
  + Only upgrades if loading from $HOME / settings dir
  + Creates a backup named *_backup_XXXXX
* First binary linux release
  - Uses hard-coded run-time search path and an included set of libs
  - Also includes source code for libs under LGPL
* Include library sources in windows package
  - As required by LGPL (previously in a separate package)