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Znasz angielski i wiesz co to irc? To idź na: irc.fragzone.se channel #liero


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I am curious to see what you guys think about wormrage.  BTW, internet play is a short ways away... I recently helped test Skip's tcp/ip code for the next version, which by the way is LOADED with new features INCLUDING the liero 1.33 way of using the bungy rope (weapon select + jump).  There's also a new forum here: http://www.gss03.com/forum/


WormRage is neat. I didn't like the usage of ninja rope - I couldn't get used to it.

Give any liero clone decent netcode and it will rule all.


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Yeah I'm anxious for the liero style bungy rope in the next version.  It will allow my mod (http://arcticflare.cjb.net) to get more of that liero feel to it.  Also, Skip told me he found a way to use shadows without draining too many resources on older pc's that only have 200 mhz, so that should be cool too.  He's also added stuff like trap doors, rain, laser targeting, self-homing weapons capability, etc... the next version should be really great.

By the way, is the liero forum EVER going to go back up?  qsitesonline.net seems to be down forever...


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