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Faith in Liero2 etc.

Zaczęty przez Durandal, 2001-10-20 06:00:22

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now i must try and get opinions here..

what do you think of Liero?  L2?  Joosa?  Gliptics reverse-engineering of the Liero source?

im mainly interested in finding out how many people still believe in L2..  nobody over at LieroNet seem to think L2 will ever come out..

is everyone over here a little bit more faithfull?


2001-10-20 13:26:07 #1 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
I do believe.
I'm waiting for Gliptic to finish his code, and then... If no one else I'll try to make it :) (now I'm studying how to do it ;))

But still there are many people that can do it better for example Chris creator of LLIG or c0s, so I do not have hope. I know it :)


2001-10-20 21:02:06 #2 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
I belive in LOSP, and only in LOSP...
There are many people who could do something cool with the code... when only one person tries to make liero2 it fails...
But Gliptics reverse-engineering isn't fast though, noone knows how much of the code have he decompiled... no frequent info about it makes people not to belive it'll ever come to end


2001-10-21 06:35:38 #3 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
with the way dom works, i do have doubts about L2.  last time i checked, his lead programmer hand spoken to him in ages!

but i do have doubts about Gliptics LOSP..  hes still bothering with LieroHacker..  Id rather he concerntrate 100% on LOSP, because we all need it badly.  at least, LieroNet does..

nobody much has faith there anymore, they just post to have fun and socialize, not about Liero very much anymore..


Maybe it's because of the fear that New Liero would be... better, so players would play New Liero instead of playing"old"! And Liero is just perfect (well, let's say ProMode is:)). It's like Red Alert, where the first part was much better than the second one. But everybody who hears: Red Alert, thinks about RA2 :-[
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2001-10-22 14:45:54 #5 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
I still think about old RA... :D

We need Liero2 to be able to play online... so it doesnt matter if we are afraid it will "obsolete" Liero 1.33

To play online is much more important...

And I dont believe in any of the Liero 2 projects... I just hope that one of them will reach the finnish (;D) line .... :D


2001-10-29 08:19:56 #6 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
theres little point in a clan unless there is net play...

besides, what could top orig liero?


2001-10-29 08:58:19 #7 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
Liero ProMode, that's simple   ;D

PM makes Liero faster, and better. Try to play PM for 10 min, and than normal Liero. You'll see the difference. ;)

Well, but original Liero is of course official, and "primum inter parem" ( that's correct? Was taught Latin by a very strange lady ya know:) )
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2001-10-29 14:14:17 #8 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
your mom?


2001-10-30 19:35:30 #9 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
Heh, she isn't very well in latin ;)

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2001-10-31 17:16:26 #10 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
Rosa pulchra est!
That's the first sentence I've learnt :)

but now we have to be:
Semper Fidelis


2001-12-02 13:13:29 #11 Ostatnia edycja: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 by 1016060400
Liero 2 should by more then better, it must by SUPER.
I never want to lern Latavian ;)
Buck OFF!!!!
coza idiotyczne nicki, no jak bracia....

[VT] Patrys

yes inderdaad ass you said, it should bye butter

- eye have seen a bare
- wear?
- buy that three over dare

and i do not speak leviatan

crusher go practise your english somewhere else :)
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[TS] Social Poison

I've got more faith in the sequals that are being created from scratch.  I've got big hopes for RageWorm (or WormRage?  I forgot...) and Wurmz, even though I can't get Wurmz to run on my computer just yet.

And Liero Pro Mode may be good... but it doesn't help all of us people from lesser Liero places to play.  I kicked all of my friend's butts... but now they won't play me anymore :'(

So I have to wait for a sequal/clone in order to play anyone challenging.

BTW:  It is a real pain in the ass to register in a forum that's in a language you don't understand!


LOL SP, but you haxxored it g00d it seems.

The good thing in LL forum is it works ALWAYS (almost) - and has no wikkid bugs like TS forum.

It sucks that yabb don't allow users to choose their personal language version, it loads one global language pack :(

[TS] Social Poison

Ya... that'd make my life a whole lot easier.  And I think the reason the TS forum is messed is because of the hacking.

Here... you have YaBB with some color altertations.  Durandal messed with the forum so it has the navigation bar, title, etc still in there (Without frames, I might add).  Plus, if any of you saw the old skool nex7Center forum, you'd know THAT was hacked to bits too!  So I'm sure Durandal just accidently messed something up  :-\


dude, i do believe in LOSP, hovewer L2 might be created one day. tell me, does LOSP have somethin' in common with Liero-AI, cose i read about it a lot and im sure it WILL succeed


Don't you think that answering a topic which is so old is senseless?
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sorry, it is senseless. stupidity for me, Liero AI already runs on LL members PC's ;)