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Znasz angielski i wiesz co to irc? To idź na: irc.fragzone.se channel #liero

Faith in Liero2 etc.

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[TS] Social Poison

Ya... that'd make my life a whole lot easier.  And I think the reason the TS forum is messed is because of the hacking.

Here... you have YaBB with some color altertations.  Durandal messed with the forum so it has the navigation bar, title, etc still in there (Without frames, I might add).  Plus, if any of you saw the old skool nex7Center forum, you'd know THAT was hacked to bits too!  So I'm sure Durandal just accidently messed something up  :-\


dude, i do believe in LOSP, hovewer L2 might be created one day. tell me, does LOSP have somethin' in common with Liero-AI, cose i read about it a lot and im sure it WILL succeed


Don't you think that answering a topic which is so old is senseless?
I can see what you see not, vision milky then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be - shadows move where light should be. Out of darkness, out of mind.


sorry, it is senseless. stupidity for me, Liero AI already runs on LL members PC's ;)