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The Liero World Championships of 2006

Zaczęty przez Wei-Zhi-Hui, 2006-08-13 16:33:04

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2006-08-13 16:33:04 Ostatnia edycja: 2006-09-08 10:31:41 by Greybrow
The Liero World Championships of 2006 is announced to be held in Brussels in Autumn/Winter of 2006. Everyone is invited, regardless of Liero clone prefernece.

There will be a prize!

See more at http://comser.liero.org.pl/forum/index.php?topic=139

Posted on: 2005.10.05 10:50:31
NoMind won the LIERO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yes, now close this embarassing board. Its like 4 posts in 4 years.


Nobody knows english anymore :(


And maybe it have something to do with the fact that we have only one active user that speaks english only... there is no need for us to write here if we have the same topics in the polish section (actually I haven't wrote anything in those topics either but I speak about the users in general... or at least I would like to :P)
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Should the international Liero community members visit the LL forum perhaps we'd write some more in english. As for now methinks it makes no sense - only Johan checks out the LL forum quite frequently, whereas all the other guys from out of Poland hang out mainly at comser. Quite a lot of ppl here do speak english though, so maybe we could do something to stimulate the interaction between the polish and non-polish Liero community. Any ideas?
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Hm... meaby on the new Liga Liero page make a 'Latest Comser topics' part just below the Liga Liero's?
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Nice idea. I believe it's no use reactivating 'Speak english here' subboard since there is dedicated english-spoken board on Comser.
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Guthrick von Kewpa

2006-09-09 08:56:09 #8 Ostatnia edycja: 2006-09-09 09:01:14 by Guthrick von Kewpa
On the other hand, we do not write too much on CF, too, we can't be so selfish - people from all over the world write on CS, and as we are one of the largest communities (if not the largest) we visit CF even less than African or Russian guys though.
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I think that either we share CSF news to LL, or LL news to CSF. In fact, CSF news are already visible on LL through ComSer on the front page. But my ideas are similar to NoMinds. Stimulate interaction across this terrible language border. Any ideas are deerly welcome.

Another important thing is to attract new fans to our communities. Perhaps they are noobs and annoying, but if there is just 3 more posts per week, or per day, we who are dedicated will see that there are new posts more often, we will visit forums more often, and we will post more, perhaps creating a chainreaction of increased activity. Ideas on this is welcome too!!

I am not sure how many people are active in this community, but the english community is bottomlessly small now, and we are only rescued by a lot of new Gusanos fans who post in the Gusanos boards on our forum.

Hypermeet was a slapping success in my opinion, and I hope you will make a polish l33tm33t, or polish championship soon, because when you do, I will be there.



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